EHANG Ghost Drones

The Ehang GHOST smart technology means anyone can pilot this drone in just a matter of seconds — even if you've never flown one before. It eliminates bulky, complicated transmitters — along with the need for any previous experience. Flying the GHOST AERIAL is as easy and effortless as using a computer mouse! (IOS or Android App Required)

What are the differences of the 4 versions of GHOSTDRONE 2.0?

GHOSTDRONE 2.0 versions are all based on the same flight platform. GHOSTDRONE 2.0 is mainly for beginners who never flied drones before; GHOSTDRONE 2.0 Aerial is designed for those who own their sports camera (GoPro etc.) and wish to do aerial filming; GHOSTDRONE 2.0 Aerial+ offers 4K high-resolution aerial filming with our in-house designed gimbal; and GHOSTDRONE 2.0 VR can provide the most extraordinary immersive FPV experience, with 4K camera as well as the head-tracking goggles. You can always start with GHOSTDRONE 2.0 and purchase accessories to upgrade to more advanced versions. Please refer to our official website ( for more details.

Onlygopro Ghost Drone Test:

Onlygopro has begun testing on the Ehang Ghost Drone, video results will be posted and comments will be written in our blog and in video description. Feel free to contact us to ask any questions. 

Links to Test Flight : Flight 1(Image), Flight 2, Flight 3, Flight 4.


Video Links and Instructions

Welcome to the world of Ehang Ghost Drone


First Flight



Ghostdrone 2.0 Promo Video