Rent Gopro mounts and accessories Singapore

$10/day for Gopro 5 Black Camera Rental LINK

$4/day for Gopro 4 Camera Rental (Depend on availability) LINK

$1/day for each Gopro mount and accessory  LINK

$2/day for Feiyu WG Gimbal LINK

$2/day for Gopro 3 Silver Camera LINK


Proceed to rent from us: CLICK LINK HERE

Step 1: Contact us & pay bank transfer rental fee(email:

Step 2: Arrange date & time to meet up with us, bring along NRIC and Deposit.

Step 3: Enjoy your HOLIDAY!

Step 4: Return product and get back your deposit


 Terms and Conditions

  • Self Collect and return :Only at 32 Sturdee Road. Users are to loan and return in person, proxies not allowed. ( Customer to arrange time with a onlygopro representative on collecting & returning days before rental begins)
  • Verification: For verification purpose, users need to bring along NRIC for verification, NRIC will be photographed. ( Only NRIC / Driver License allowed )
  • Loan period: 5 days loan period, no part thereof ( except drone rentals )
  • Extension of load period: Users are responsible for arranging return time and date. Additional Payment would be deducted from deposit if the user fails to return before date. The user is responsible to contact Onlygopro for returns and will not be notified if they fail to return on time.
  • Damage : Users are to bear any damage or repair cost deemed required. Deposit will be held for no more than 3 weeks after product is returned 
  • Lost/stolen: Users are to make a police report should the item/s be missing / lost in my procession and replace the item/s accordingly plus provide a photocopy of the police report for Mr Sean Eng. Item/s lost must be replaced or pay the original price
  • Deposit : Deposit of $800 (Mavic), $200 (Camera / Gimbal) is required ( Will be returned upon returning all rented products after checks are completed)
  • Loan Form: Users need to sign a loan form and allow NRIC to be photographed before item/s are rented.
  • Payment: Rental payment before meet up + deposit is collected in during meet up.

**Minor damages – small scratches. ( Payment for damaged part of the equipment. )
    Major damages – dents, long scratches (more than 3cm ), deep scratches etc.

*All rental charge will be per 5 day period