Q : How do I contact Onlygopro regarding orders and issues with products?

A : Head over to our Facebook page and contact us via messenger.
(Click on FB Messenger at the bottom of the page) or Whatsapp us at 8836 2705.

Q : What currency is the listed price on this store?
A : Store price listing is in SGD.

Q : Able to arrange a meet up and pay cash?
A : Yes we do! Meet up to purchase possible at Pasir Ris or subject to seller's availability

Q : Do you provide International Shipping?
A : Yes we do! We send via post to your international address! *Additional charges apply

Q : Do you provide free delivery in Singapore? What about Registered mail ?
A : FREE delivery by singpost non-registered mail. (Delivery : 5-10 working days exclude handling time)
A : Registered mail available, additional shipping fees will be calculated before shipment. ( Delivery : 5-7 working days exclude handling time)

A : Onlygopro is not responsible for any undelivered packages by singpost.
(Picture-proof of parcel mailed can be provided)

Q : Some products are on Back-Order, how long will it take before products arrive in Singapore?
A : After making a purchase for Back-Order Products, it would take a month for products to arrive in Singapore. You can alternatively email us to get more info, some products arrive quicker than others.

Q : What happens when the deliveryman came when I'm not home?
A : A slip would be left behind at either at your doorstep or your letterbox. You may use it to collect your parcel at the post office, your parcel will only be held there for 10 days prior to delivery. Once package is returned to us no delivery will be made, you may self collect or pay for additional shipping charges.

Q : How to track or trace my package?
A : Singpost Registered Mail : R**********SG   /  Smartpack : SM********SG
Use : and put in code provided.

Warranty information : OnlyGoPro provides 1 week, 1 to 1 product exchange guarantee for any products. ALL products with manufacturer product defects have 1 month (all products) to 1 year manufacturer warranty (selected products).  (Remember to keep invoice or a proof of purchase)