OEM, SupTig LED Waterproof Diving Light Attachment (30m Depth Underwater)

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  • Personally Tested 20m Underwater**
  • Diving lights waterproof to 30 meters (actual real pressure test 30 meters).
  • 2,300 lumens. 
  • 3, power 2.8 watts.
  • 4,3 stalls adjustment; HI-LOW-SOS 5, in HI position 1000MA battery time is half an hour; in LOW four hours; in SOS mode is 6 hours. 6, the light can be combined with the headband / chest belt use.
  • On the bottom of the water and land can be a fill light / lighting 
  • Weight 188g 

Description: After a short press on the key to open LED lamp, continuous short press to switch brightness. A total of three modes (highlighted in bright flashing)
Note: When LED light is turned on Do not look with your eyes.
LED lamp brightness of 300 specified.
Additional: Battery + lights battery charging cable + quick release base + long screws spanner